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Why is my internet connection slow

A slow internet connection is one of the most common problems you can face using your Internet. On this page you can find out:

  • if you are really experiencing a speed issue;
  • what can cause a speed issue;
  • possible solutions before calling our customer service. 

Do I really have a speed issue?

Sometimes you may think you’re having a speed issue when it’s actually not the case.

You are not getting the maximum speed profile

If you are not getting the highest speed profile (12 Mbps/740 Kbps for ADSL, 100 Mbps/40 Mbps for VDSL), it doesn’t mean that you have a speed issue. It can simply mean that your line is unable to get the highest profile and therefore set to a lower profile. The reasons can be read here: 

What is my actual speed at the moment

You should, in the first place, thoroughly test if your impression of a slow internet connection is correct. For this reason, you should perform speed tests

Okay, this is really a speed issue. What do I need to do next?

Here are the steps which you can follow to try to solve the problem:

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