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How do I check the actual speed of my internet connection

In order to see what speed you’re actually getting with your internet connection, you may perform a speed test. 

How can i perform a speed test correctly?

There are several rules to be respected when running a speed test:

1. The device you are running a speed test on should be connected directly to the modem/router with an Ethernet cable

It may be your wireless connection causing the issue and if you don’t exclude this, you will be searching for a reason in the wrong direction.

See ‘How can I improve the speed of my wireless connection

2. The test should be run on one device and this device should be the only one connected to the Internet at the moment of testing

The speed you are getting is divided between all the devices connected to your network. If more than one device is connected to the network and all of them are active, the speed is certainly lower on each of them.

3. All bandwidth-hogging programs, apps and plugins (e.g. BitTorrent, antivirus updates, etc.) should be turned off on the testing device

When you are downloading or uploading some big files, the program you’re doing it with is taking the maximum of your speed which slows down other processes on your device. 

4. The test should be done at a different time throughout the day and repeated on several days

It can show whether you’ve faced a one-time problem that doesn’t require further troubleshooting or it is a global problem that you need to solve. Moreover, when you provide our customer service with speed tests done following this rule, we may find the cause more quickly which will result in a faster solution. 

How do I perform a speed test? 

1.    Go to
2.    Press Begin Test.
3.    Wait for the results. 
4.    Make a screenshot in case you are going to provide our customer service with your speed test results. 

How can I analyze the result of my speed test? 

Under normal circumstances you can presume (in good conditions, during off-peak hours) that you can download and upload approximately 80 % of the synchronization speed of your modem. 20 % of the capacity of your line is anyway lost to atm- and ip-overhead (control packets).

If your actual speed is approximately 80% of the synchronization speed shown on your modem, there is no speed issue. 
If you actual speed is much lower than 80% of the synchronization speed shown on your modem, this is a reason to start searching for the cause of the problem. See ‘Why is my internet connection slow


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