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What is the maximum DSL speed

DSL is a technology where an electrical signal is transmitted over a (copper) telephony cable. These signals are very sensitive to attenuation and noise. These will influence the speed of your DSL connection, and manifest themselves in several causes:

  • The distance of your point of connection up to the local Proximus Exchange ;
  • The quality of your internal cabling;
  • The quality of the physical line (thickness, age, insulation, ...);
  • The type of telephony subscription (PSTN, ISDN or raw copper).

Even though all these factors have a strong influence, the distance of your connection will be the main indicator of the maximum speed your connection will be able to achieve.

You can test which speeds you can obtain on this website. Please do keep in mind that these results are purely informational and depend on statistics.

For further information, you can contact our customer service.

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