Watching tv over the internet

Why still pay for standard television? Watching tv online over the internet is the future. Choose your favourite streaming services or TV channel app's. With edpnet's real unlimited internet subscription you have the perfect combination.

08 February 2024

Watch online television without Smart TV with Google Chromecast

You don't need a Smart TV to watch TV online. With a Google Chromecast, you can stream from your PC, tablet or smartphone to your television.

05 February 2024

Cheap internet and TV

Save money by watching TV in a smart way, with an affordable internet subscription.

16 November 2023

Why doesn't edpnet offer TV

You don't need a TV subscription. An internet-only subscription and a streaming subscription is all you need to watch online TV.

22 September 2022

What internet speed do you need

Major players on the internet market are flooding you with internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. But do you really need that speedy internet, and aren't you unnecessarily paying too much?

18 July 2022

Is unlimited internet really unlimited

The big telco players promise unlimited internet in their ads. But there is some small print involved. Not with edpnet. You'll always have real unlimited internet with us. No slowing down.

18 July 2022

Fiber, the network of the future, is expanding

edpnet uses the Proximus network. Proxims rolls out the fiber optic cables all over Belgium. Curious if you will soon be able to get fiber at home?

31 December 2021

Cloud gaming makes expensive game computers unnecessary

Upgrading your PC or game console can be expensive. But when you still want to be able to play the latest games, in high resolution and on different screens, then cloud gaming is the solution.

06 April 2021

Why can't you choose your modem for VDSL, but for fiber you can choose your router?

Due to vectoring you cannot choose your VDSL modem yourself, while you are free to determine your own fiber router. In this article we explain why.

06 April 2021

How to prevent losing time & money by an internet outage

We are so familiar with the Internet, that we don’t realize we have come to depend on it. When your connection is lost, your business almost comes to a halt. Want to know what you can do about it? Read it below!

05 April 2021

Cloud Telephony, the convenient and affordable alternative to your telephone exchange

What do a file bin, a fax machine and a fixed telephone exchange have in common? They were once useful, but there are far better solutions. Cloud telephony is a step towards simpler and more efficient working.

15 December 2020

Teleworking is on the rise

While remote working had already increased slightly before the corona crisis, now it is really booming. If there is anything employees want to keep from the corona crisis, it is teleworking.

06 December 2020
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