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Cheap internet and TV

Save money by watching TV in a smart way, with an affordable internet subscription.

The major providers overwhelm you with pricey all-in bundles. But do you really need everything in there? The answer is usually no.

Read this guide to cheap internet and TV or calculate directly how much you will save.

Watch TV online? No TV box needed!

Did you know that you can watch TV cheaply over the internet without an extra box? With TV apps, via streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ or simply via the websites of your favourite TV channels, you can watch all your favorite series and programs. And with a Google Chromecast you can even watch TV online without Smart TV.

So feel free to say goodbye to annoying commercials in between Tv shows, and don't be fooled by the recording option of a TV box: it is limited in time, while streaming services make their offer continuously available.

Do I need high-speed internet to surf and watch TV smoothly?

To be able to surf, play games and watch TV on multiple screens at the same time, you really don't need high-speed internet. Our VDSL XS goes a long way, and our VDSL XL is more than enough for the whole family. Read more about suitable internet speeds here.

Why is internet at edpnet so affordable?

Telenet and Proximus regularly raise their prices as if it were a natural phenomenon. Why? To keep their shareholders happy, by increasing the average revenue per customer (ARPU) every year. In addition, their marketing campaigns cost wheelbarrows full of money.

So how does edpnet approach it then? Well, we put your euros where they are most profitable: in reliable internet and solid mobile telephony. We don't spend large amounts of money on advertising, and we don't have to pay out shareholders. This way we keep the profit with our customers: honest and reliable internet and telephony, for a fair price.

Is cheap internet at edpnet of good quality?

Our excellent score de satisfaction sur Trustpilot says it all. And if you are still in doubt: via Test Aankoop we were awarded the 'Best of the Test 2022' label, as the only operator with 5 stars.

Can I save money with a discount on the internet?

High discounts are usually what they seem: ‘too good to be true’. In order to give a high discount, the large telecom providers use large profit margins, so that they can easily afford to give a price reduction. edpnet works with basic prices from the start, you don't pay a cent too much. And every now and then we go to great lengths to give you a discount. You get a 4 euro discount on VDSL XS and VDSL XL, by the way (until 31/12/2023).

Can I also call and surf cheaply with my smartphone?

You sure can. With edpnet, you can enjoy unlimited calling with an additional 10 GB of data for only €15 per month.

And what about fixed telephony?

Your edpnet internet subscription includes a free fixed line. If you switch, you can keep your landline number.

I now have a pricey all-in subscription, can I save on internet + TV?

All-in bundles with Proximus and Telenet may seem cheap, but they are actually intended to boost the average revenue per customer (see ARPU above). It is often better to shop everything separately. Our tip for maximum savings:

So, for €34,94/month you can already surf and watch TV! We bet that you now pay a lot more on your all-in subscription with Proximus or Telenet.

With our cheapest mobile subscription (400 calling minutes + 2 GB data), you're only paying €43,90 for surfing, mobile calls and watching TV.

Calculate how much you can save


Your savings when switching

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€ 119,95/ year
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*The savings are calculated on the basis of a VDSL XS internet subscription at €21,95 per month, an edpnet mobile subscription at €8 per month (400 call min./SMS & 2 GB data) and a possible App TV Light subscription from TV-Vlaanderen/Télésat at €9,95 per month. The activation cost, any modem and any installation costs (installation by an edpnet technician) are not included.
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