Watching tv over the internet |

Watching tv over the internet

Why still pay for standard television? Watching tv online over the internet is the future. Choose your favourite streaming services or TV channel app's. With edpnet's real unlimited internet subscription you have the perfect combination.

Why still pay for standard television?

Television’s golden years are over. You want to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. You say goodbye to fixed programming and annoying commercials. And hello to binge-watching your favorite series!

An internet-only subscription would be an excellent choice. A fast, unlimited and cheap connection – like edpnet’s VDSL XL or Fiber XL – and a subscription to one of the streaming services below: that’s all you need for endless viewing pleasure.

Watching TV over the internet is the future

Watching whenever and wherever you want, without commercials: that’s internet television. Trendsetter Netflix is still the undisputed king, although that’s about to change. Disney+, Amazon prime, Apple TV+ or HBO Now joined the scene, and they’re here to stay. Let’s have a look at the options.


Netflix still is the biggest supplier of internet television. With a wide array of top series (like ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘House of Cards’), a good value for money (starting at €8,99 per month) and a large offer for children, they’re at the top of the streaming services. 


If you’re looking for evening filled with internet TV, Disney+ will fulfill your wish. For €8,99 per month you get 700 films, 160 series and 59 Originals from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and 21st Century Fox. Since February 23 2021, Disney Star has also been launched as the sixth category. Disney Star offers 1,000 unique films and series (Disney Star is the European name for Hulu).

Amazon Prime

At 2.99 euros per month, Amazon Prime is likely to be the cheapest online streaming service. They have hit series like Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Grand Tour’ and ‘The Romanoffs’. Their range of films is a bit smaller, though.


HBO NOW has a few of the most successful series to offer, like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Girls’ and ‘True Detective’. You’ll have a lot to binge-watch. Great news: HBO Max has officially announced that they are finally coming to Europe this fall (Norway, Sweden, Spain, Andorra being the first countries). In 2022, other European countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands will follow. Hopefully Belgium will be on the list of Central Europe. The monthly price would be €5,99 per month. Due to this European launch, some providers will lose their exclusivity deal with HBO.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has its own original series like ‘See’, ‘The Morning Show’ & ‘The Elephant Queen’. Anyone who buys an Apple TV device will receive 1 year of Apple TV + for free. A subscription normally costs you €4,99 per month. Apple subtitles everything. Also, they offer audio descriptions in 8 languages. Apple TV + chooses quality of series over quantity.

Where can you find your favorite movie or series?

With JustWatch you can look up any movie or series, and the app tells you on which platform you can watch it. In addition to the American streaming services, this app even has Streamz.

This way you know when a new season will be released

Apps like Hobi and TV Time notify you when your favorite series starts a new season. You simply indicate which series are important to you, and the app will automatically keep you informed.

Whatever streaming service you choose, an internet-only subscription is the way to go. With edpnet's VDSL (or Fiber) you’ll surf at max. 100Mbps (or 500 Mbps with Fiber). That’s more than enough to watch all your favorite series in HD on different screens.


Stop paying for television?

Cancel your package subscription and go for "internet only"!
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