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VDSL speeds up to 100 Mbps.  Unlimited usage.  Telephony included.

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Edpnet offers you fast internet up to 100 Mbps download and up to 40 Mbps upload. With VDSL XS you can reach speeds up to 20 Mbps / 2 Mbps.

And with edpnet, unlimited really means unlimited. That’s right. The freedom to enjoy your internet without limits. No tricks with us, there is no fine print in our conditions about a maximum amount of GB to consume.



WiFi at home is great! But sometimes a single wireless network is not strong enough for the entire home. The solution in this case is called Mesh networking: it generates multiple wireless networks in your house, which are combined to form a single, meshed network.
With mesh networking it is easy to enjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming video or gaming – seamless even in the remotest corners of every room in your house.

Edpnet offers a Mesh bundle including a FRITZ!Box 7530 modem and the FRITZ!WLAN 1200 repeater for the price of €99 VAT incl3.

Fixed telephony included

Fixed telephony included

Your fixed telephony subscription is included1.  That’s €23,63 per month saved!  Or not included, if you like to pay for your expensive landline.

You call at very low rates.
You keep your existing number free of charge.
You enjoy additional services for free (e.g. caller identification, ...)

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1: Promotion valid for new VDSL XS and VDSL XL subscriptions: the edpnet telephony subscription is free of charge (calls not included) for as long as the VDSL XS or VDSL XL subscription is active.

2: Promotion for new VDSL XL subscriptions, you only pay €49 VAT incl. for the FRITZ!Box 7530 instead of €99 VAT incl. Promotion valid until 30/09/2020 included.

3: Bundle promotion for new VDSL XL subscriptions, you only pay €99 VAT incl. for the Mesh WiFi Bundle instead of €168 VAT incl. Promotion valid until 30/09/2020 included.

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