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Why doesn't edpnet offer TV

You don't need a TV subscription. An internet-only subscription and a streaming subscription is all you need to watch online TV.

edpnet goes for pure unlimited internet, without much pooha. And this pooha is precisely what our competitors charge you too much for. You pay for things you don't necessarily need. Such as a TV subscription.

edpnet keeps it fair, cheap and simple: unlimited internet, without the fine print.

Linear (or traditional) TV is outdated

Linear TV - watching TV directly when the program airs - is an old habit that is rapidly disappearing. Moreover, it costs a lot of money to offer it, and those costs are ultimately paid by the customer.

That's why we choose not to do this, and let our customers choose freely. With an unlimited subscription as a basis, you can put together your own streaming package cheaply. You then watch "on demand" what you want, when you want it.

So, don't you need a TV subscription?

No, you don't. The alternatives are more fun, easier and cheaper!

For example, you can watch VRT NU, VTM GO en GoPlay online for free (with only your unlimited internet subscription). You watch when you want, and on VRT NU and VTM GO you can even watch "live", like you used to.

And if you still want to pay a little something, you can take a subscription to, for example, Netflix, Disney +, Streamz, Amazon Prime of Apple TV+.

The cost of an ‘internet only’subscription + 1 subscription to a streaming service is still much cheaper than a TV subscription. Check out our detailed page about watching TV over the internet

And can you watch TV online without a smart TV?

You certainly can! Very easily: with, for example, a

Google Chromecast That is a small device that you connect to your television. From then on you can stream programs on your television via your WiFi. You can use your PC, laptop, iPad or even your smartphone as a remote control. Handy, right?

Tip of the day: Throw out your unnecessary package subscription, switch to internet only, and maybe buy a Google Chromecast. Enjoy watching!

Go for "internet only"!

Get started for only € 24.95 / month.
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