Is unlimited traffic really unlimited |

Is unlimited internet really unlimited

The big telco players promise unlimited internet in their ads. But there is some small print involved. Not with edpnet. You'll always have real unlimited internet with us. No slowing down.

Telenet & unlimited internet

As the largest provider, Telenet likes to use 'unlimited' internet. However, unlimited internet from Telenet has its limitations. You surf at a lower speed of 10/1 Mbps when you use more than 750 GB in a month.

Orange & unlimited internet

Orange's unlimited internet is not as unlimited as they claim. After a monthly consumption of 3 TB, your surfing speed drops to 20/2 Mbps.

Scarlet & unlimited internet

Going ‘Loco’ with Scarlet has the same effect. After 3 TB you’ll have to stop watching Netflix in HD, because your speed will go down to 3 Mbps.

Proximus & unlimited internet

Proximus also restricts the promised unlimited internet. Depending on your subscription, your speed will be reduced to 1, 3 or 5 Mbps, from a monthly consumption of 150 GB or 3 TB.

edpnet & unlimited internet

edpnet has been providing unlimited internet for years. Really unlimited, without small print. Do you use 750GB, 3TB or more every month? No problem, your surfing speed remains the same.

Do you really want unlimited internet at a low price? With edpnet, you can get unlimited internet starting from €25,95 per month for aVDSL XS subscription (with max. speeds 20/2 Mbps). Do you like to surf faster? Then go for a VDSL XL (with max. speeds 100/40 Mbps) or Fiber XL subscription (with speeds up to 500/100 Mbps).

Really unlimited internet for little money?

Find your unlimited subscription here from € 24.95 per month!
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