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What internet speed do you need

Major players on the internet market are flooding you with internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. But do you really need that speedy internet, and aren't you unnecessarily paying too much?

Why does edpnet spare you a 1 Gbps download speed?

In short: we don't like to make you pay too much for something you don't need. Do you get 1 Gbps download speed elsewhere? Then unfortunately they'll make you pay for that.

Just surfing the internet: 20 Mbps

20 Mbps is sufficient to surf the web, check your e-mails and view photos and videos smoothly. If you do not regularly download large files, this speed is more than sufficient..

Watch TV online: 10 Mbps (HD) up to 30 Mbps (4K)

With 10 Mbps you can fluently watch movies in HD on your own. With 20 Mbps you can watch multiple screens at the same time. If you want to watch movies in 4K resolution, then you’ll need at least 25 Mbps (according to Netflix), although you would better take some margin up to 30 Mbps. Do you want to surf on other devices during a 4K movie? Then you will need an internet speed of 50 Mbps.

What is the difference between Mb and MB?

Download speed is expressed in Megabits per second (Mbps), while the filesize is expressed in Megabytes (MB). There are 8 Megabits in one Megabyte. So 8Mb = 1MB!

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Online gaming: 5 Mbps is fast enough!

Don't let people tell you that you need gigantic speeds for gaming. Once downloaded, a game doesn’t exchange that much information. 5 Mbps is fast enough for fluent gaming (but to be honest 15-25 Mbps is better).

When Gaming online, it’s the response time that counts, not your download speed

The response time (or latency) of your network is measured with a "ping". That is a short message, sent from your PC to another computer on the net, and back again. The response time is how long this transfer takes, expressed in milliseconds. With a decent latency, you can fluently play games with a limited download speed. So download speed and latency don’t always go hand in hand.

Conversely, it is perfectly possible that even with a supersonic internet speed of 1Gbps, your game still lags. On Telenet's or Voo’s coax network, for example, you share your connection (and therefore your response time) with the neighbors. Then you are better off with a stable VDSL or fiber connection from edpnet, as a gamer.

Why would I ever need a speed of 1Gbps?

Suppose you want to download a game of 100 GB, that would take a good 2 hours with 100 Mbps. With 1Gbps that would take fifteen minutes. The question is: do you want to pay a lot more for this, every month?

Conclusion: a stable connection is more important than supersonic internet speeds

Whether you just want to surf, watch HD TV or play the latest games online: ultimately, your connection - and the associated response time - is much more important than your internet speed.

For regular use, you are good with a VDSL XS connection up to 20 Mbps. Do you want to watch simultaneously on multiple screens, in HD or 4K, while also playing games? Then you need a VDSL XL connection up to 100 Mbps. With a FIBER XL connection of 500 Mbps you’ll surf very comfortable with your entire family. You really don't need any more speed than that.

So don't let anyone fool you to pay for a connection of 1 Gbps!

How fast is your internet?

Test your internet speed here!

Don't be fooled to pay more than this:

Just surfing and watching movies? VDSL XS for €25,95 per month
Surfing, playing games and watching movies at the same time? VDSL XL for €35,95 per month
You want to surf, play games and watch movies with the whole family? FIBER XL for €45,95 per month

Only pay for what you need!

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