Fiber, the network of the future, is expanding |

Fiber, the network of the future, is expanding

edpnet uses the Proximus network. Proxims rolls out the fiber optic cables all over Belgium. Curious if you will soon be able to get fiber at home?

Fiber or fiberglass is a future-oriented technology that transmits data at the speed of light over great distances. The edpnet Fiber subscriptions for business and home use the Proximus network. And Proximus is now intensively expanding its fiber network.

Proximus is rolling out fiber all over Belgium

Proximus has already connected more than 460,000 homes and businesses to the fiber network. About 100,000 will be added per year over the next 6 years. By 2028, Belgium will be covered for 70% (i.e. 4.2 million homes and businesses).

Not only new buildings will receive fiber

Proximus is the first provider to extend fiber into existing homes and businesses. The fiber actually goes inside the home, unlike, for example, Telenet, where the fiber optic cable only runs into the street cabinet.

The rollout of Proximus is currently underway in 17 cities in Belgium. The more rural regions will also be dealt with. There, Proximus will call on partnerships with the fiber optic experts Eurofiber (Wallonia) and EQT Infrastructure (Flanders).

Fiber is already available or is being installed in these cities:

Antwerp DiamantEvereNamen
Antwerp EastGhentSchaerbeek
Antwerp WestHasseltSint-Niklaas

Why Fiber?

With Fiber XL and Fiber Pro from edpnet you download at 500Mbps. This allows you to surf, game and stream on multiple screens in HD or 4K with the whole family, all at the same time! And fiber is ready for the future, because the speed can increase up to 10 GB per second.

Check your address here to see if Fiber is available for you!

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