Fast and reliable internet for your business

non-stop online, worry-free

With VDSL Pro, your business continuity is finally guaranteed. Should you temporarily lose your connection, your 4G backup takes over.


44,95 /month


64,95 /month


139,95 / month
  • Download/Upload speed up to
    200/80 Mbps (guaranteed: 24/2)
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Fixed IP address
  • Repair service
    within 8 working hours
  • Managed Cisco router
Business continuity in case of an outage

Business continuity in case of an outage

An Internet outage can have a large impact on your business continuity.  It causes revenue loss.  Our VDSL Pro subscription can save you from harm.

The included managed router offers an automatic 4G backup function: as soon as the Internet connection is interrupted, it will automatically switch to the available mobile network.  You have a redundant Internet connection.

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Guaranteed repair service

Guaranteed repair service

An 8/5 (Next Business Day) Service Level Agreement is included, which means that you can be sure of a repair service within 8 working hours during office hours (from Monday to Friday).  You have priority access to our professional support.

You can also upgrade the repair service to 11/7 or 24/7.

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Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony

A telephony subscription is included in our Business product range.  You can order up to 5 numbers (no extra charges for number transfers).  You call at low rates.  You do not pay a connection fee per call.  U can enjoy free services (fax to email, transparant call redirection, ...).  Did you know that edpnet can also help you in replacing your complete telephone system?

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edpnet manages your hardware

edpnet manages your hardware

Our VDSL Pro and VDSL Expert Plus subscription offers you a full configuration, installation and management of your hardware.  Whenever a defect is detected, edpnet will be notified by our monitoring system and your hardware will be repaired or replaced when needed.

Customer stories

“Our organization is very satisfied. Edpnet takes care of everything: monitoring, updates. We save a lot with this new solution …”

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Patrick Van Rompaey

IT Manager Special Olympics

“With the edpnet cloud telephony solution, we notice that quality is much better. It is simple and transparent and gives us significant savings …”

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Joyce Rom

Management Assistant Kegels & Van Antwerpen

“The final switch to edpnet’s VPBX solution went smooth. Our telephony costs have reduced remarkably …”

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Jan Van den Broeck

Project Engineer & IT Manager Radio Holland
Guaranteed repair services

Guaranteed repair services

Our VDSL Small Business and VDSL Pro subscriptions include a Service Level Agreement 8/5 (Next Business Day).

In other words: a guaranteed repair service within 8 working hours from Monday to Friday.  But it is possible to choose an 11/7 or a 24/7 repair service.

Find out more about our different repair services

SLA 8/5

0,00 / month

  • Repair service within 8 working hours
    Monday to Friday
    (public holidays excl.)
    From 08h to 19h

SLA 11/7

20,00 / month

  • Repair service within 8 working hours
    Monday to Sunday
    (public holidays incl.)
    From 08h to 19h

SLA 24/7

40,00 / month

  • Repair service within
    8 hours
    (public holidays incl.)

* Promotion valid for the activation and installation of new VDSL Pro subscriptions: €50 VAT excl. instead of €145 VAT excl.  The promotion includes the free activation, €50 VAT excl. and a reduction of €45 VAT excl. on the ‘managed’ installation (normal price: €95 VAT excl).  Promotion valid until 30/09/2020 included.

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