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Which modems can I use

Edpnet has ensured that 7 FRITZ!Box modems are officially certified for the national VDSL network in Belgium:

  • FRITZ!Box 3490 (firmware FRITZ!OS 6.52 and 7.01)
  • FRITZ!Box 7360 (v1 firmware FRITZ!OS 6.31, v2 firmware FRITZ!OS 6.52)
  • FRITZ!Box 7430 (firmware FRITZ!OS 6.52 and 7.01)
  • FRITZ!Box 7490 (firmware FRITZ!OS 6.52, 6.53 and 7.01)
  • FRITZ!Box 7530 (firmware FRITZ!OS 7.02 and 7.03)
  • FRITZ!Box 7590 (firmware FRITZ!OS 7.01)
  • FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE (firmware FRITZ!OS 7.01)


The FRITZ!Box 7530 can be obtained at edpnet.

In case some other FRITZ!OS version is being used, you will get a fall-back profile, with the maximum speed of 7,5 Mbps down and 0,5 Mbps up.

Besides, the modems offered by Proximus are certified, too. While B-box 3 is vectoring-compliant, B-box 2 and Sagem Fast 3464 are only vectoring-friendly, meaning that you won’t be able to benefit from the vectoring speeds. Both devices can, however, be installed in a vectored network without disturbing the vectoring process, provided that they run on an appropriate firmware version. At this condition, your line won’t be lowered to a fall-back profile, but will be configured with so called legacy profile, which corresponds to a profile of a VDSL line connected to the street cabinet with no vectoring support. Take a look at the first table of VDSL profiles to understand which speeds you can get in such a case.

Please note that only certified vectoring-compliant modems will support the new vectoring zones 6 and 7. All other modems, including certified vectoring-friendly modems (B-box 2 and Sagem Fast 3464), will synchronize on a fall-back line profile in these zones.

What about ADSL?

If you have an ADSL subscription, you can use any modem that support ADSL. Still, thinking ahead, it would better be a modem that can be connected to a VDSL network, because ADSL is currently being phased out, and you will have to switch to VDSL. 

Can I use a second-hand modem?

Should you want to save up money, you can find the above-mentioned FRITZ!Box devices at a good price on the second-hand sites. Just take it into account that you won’t be able to take advantage of the standard warranty that edpnet gives on FRITZ!Box devices. Moreover, in this case, you are fully responsible for the installation and configuration of your modem. If it doesn’t work as it should, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a solution. In other words, we strongly recommend buying your modem at edpnet. Because then we can ensure the optimal support in all circumstances.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service in case you have any questions left. 

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