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What should I know when buying a FRITZ!Box not from edpnet

Whether it’s a second-hand or a new modem, it’s better to ensure beforehand that the version of the device you’re going to purchase can be used in Belgium.

Most FRITZ!Box modems come in several versions: German version, International version, Belgian Edition and, for some models, the versions for Austria / Switzerland and Poland.

Here are possible versions of FRITZ!Box modems, with their Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and International Article Number (EAN).

FRITZ!Box 7490

MPN EAN Country / version Allowed in BE
20002584 4023125025846  Germany  No
20002646 4023125026461  Austria and Switzerland Yes*
20002664 4023125026645  Poland  Yes
20002647 4023125026478  International  Yes
20002706 4023125027062  Belgium  Yes

*The FRITZ!Box 7490 modems sold in Austria and Switzerland are usually AT/CH editions, but be sure to double check it—some may be German Edition, which makes it impossible to install them on DSL lines in Belgium. 

FRITZ!Box 7430

MPN EAN Country / version Allowed in BE
20002733 4023125027338   Germany  No
20002740 4023125027406   International  Yes
20002813 4023125028137  Belgium  Yes

FRITZ!Box 7530

MPN EAN Country / version Allowed in BE
20002839 4023125028397   Germany  Yes**
20002845 4023125028458  International  Yes
20002880 4023125028809 Belgium  Yes

FRITZ!Box 7590

MPN EAN Country / version Allowed in BE
20002784 4023125027840 Germany  Yes**
20002804 4023125028045 International  Yes
20002878 4023125028786 Belgium  Yes


**The German versions of FRITZ!Box 7530 and 7590 don’t have edpnet configuration preset. You will need to select Other Internet Provider and manually enable VLAN10 in order to successfully configure the device.

Please note that if you have a modem not from edpnet, you are fully responsible for its installation and configuration. If it doesn’t work as it should, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a solution. In other words, we strongly recommend buying your modem at edpnet, because then we can ensure the optimal support in all circumstances.

Also keep in mind that the modem should not only be allowed for use in Belgium, but also run on a certified firmware version. Check out our up-to-date list of model/firmware combinations that are certified for VDSL network in Belgium.

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