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What does UTAC number refer to

If you live in an apartment building, you will be asked to select UTAC when ordering your fiber subscription. 

What does UTAC number refer to

UTAC number is an identifier of Fiber entry point (sometimes also referred to as UTAC), a passive box installed inside the building which is the termination point for the fiber going from the street.

In a multi-storey apartment building, there are likely several entry points. You can identify the right one using UTAC number—it’s written on a small white sticker on the box:

What does UTAC number refer to
What does UTAC number refer to

The cable from Fiber entry point goes to Fiber NT, a fiber-to-ethernet converter, to which your router will be connected. 

Where can Fiber entry point be installed?

There can be different scenarios, which depend on the type of the vertical cabling:

  • If optical cabling is available from a distribution frame in the central common technical location to the different floors / apartments, each Fiber entry point and Fiber NT are installed on building floors / in the apartments. In such a case, we mention which floor UTAC is situated on.
  • If there is no optical cabling available, Fiber entry points and Fiber NTs for all living units are installed in the central common technical location.

Should I note down my UTAC number?

You can, but you don’t have to! In the email you’ll receive right after order activation, we’ll specify the identification of your fiber connection: two references (UTAC and UNI), divided by slash.

What does UTAC number refer to

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