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I have ordered edpnet mobile, what happens next

After your order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

Edpnet will send you your sim card by post.

Do not forget to mention a correct e-mail address because your personal data will be send by e-mail.

After you receive your sim card, please contact us by telephone so that we can activate your sim card:

  • If you asked for a transfer of your existing number, you will receive a text message after your confirmation by telephone. Only then you can put the new sim card into your telephone (note: if you have a prepaid mobile number, please contact us only when you have almost finished your call credit, that way you won't lose your money).
  • If you asked for a new number, you can put your sim card into your mobile phone in 2 hours after your confirmation.  As long as your sim card hasn't been fully activated and you try to make a call, your call is automatically diverted to our customer service.

Attention: please, do not forget to copy your current contact list, text messages, etc to your phone’s memory.  In this way you do not risk to loose important data.  Our manual tells you how you can copy this information.

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