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Do I need a fixed IP address

No, unless you would like your modem/router, or some devices in your internal network, to be accessible from the internet via the same IP address. You may opt for a fixed IP address if you wish to supply one of the following services:

  • a public web, file or application server
  • an own mail server
  • a central VPN site

A fixed IP address is a part of the subscription and not an additional option. If you would like to switch from dynamic to fixed IP or vice versa, you will need to change the subscription. Below is the list of edpnet subscriptions sorted by whether they include a dynamic or a fixed IP address.

Dynamic IP address Fixed IP address
VDSL XS, VDSL XL, VDSL Small Business, Fiber XS, Fiber XL VDSL Pro, VDSL Expert, VDSL Expert Plus, all SDSL lines,
all Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and business Fiber connections


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