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How does Easy Switch work?

The Easy Switch procedure applies by default, but you can indicate during your order to terminate your contract with your current operator yourself at a moment chosen by you.

By choosing for Easy Switch, you empower your new operator via a mandate to terminate your contract with your current operator in your name. If your current contract also includes fixed and/or mobile telephony, you can indicate on the mandate document what should happen with your fixed and/or mobile phone number(s):
- keep them with your current operator;
- transfer them to your new operator;
- have them deleted;
- or a combination of these options.

After your services are activated with your new operator, your current operator will be requested to terminate your current contract. You can choose when your new operator has to submit this request: immediately after activation of your new service(s), or at a specific moment chosen by you. (1) In this way you can keep your service(s) active with both your current and your new provider during a chosen period.

As soon as your current operator has terminated your contract, your new operator will confirm this. From that moment on you will be no longer double-billed.


(1) Keeping your services active with both your current and new operator at the same time is only possible if you switch from internet technology (for example, if you switch from a cable operator to a DSL operator) or change of residence. In the case of telephony, it is technically impossible to have your number active at 2 different operators at the same time.

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