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What LED indicators are on my Fiber NT

Your Fiber Network Termination has a number of status lights. Its Power, Optical and LAN lights should all glow or flash green. The table below will help you understand what the LEDs on your NT are.

What LED indicators are on my Fiber NT


    Green solid Opearing on AC power
    Green flashing slow Operating on battery power
    Green flashing fast System booting
    Red solid  Battery power low
    Green solid Optical signal OK
    Green flashing slow Ranging and synchronizing
    Red solid Optical Power Off 
    Off Ethernet service is not provisioned
    Green solid NT data can be passed in either direction from the NT to the CPE router via the RJ-45 Ethernet ports
    Green flashing Link is up and there is activity
    Off Normal operation
    Green flashing fast Updating
    Red solid Update failed
    Off Normal operation
    Green solid No alarm with local Ethernet access enabled
    Red solid Hardware failure


Our tips:

  • The main LED you should pay attention to is OPTICAL light. This light tells you whether or not your Fiber NT is actually receiving the light from the fiber network. If at any point it is not solid green, check whether the fiber optic cable is connected to optic terminal of your NT. If the issue persists, please contact us at 03 265 67 00.
  • The LAN light will not always be solid green and can also be blinking, which means that there is the data going through the NT.
  • The ALARM light should normally be off. If it happens to be red, contact us at 03 265 67 00 and we’ll have this checked.
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