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Which guaranteed repair services for fiber can edpnet offer

As a telecommunications specialist, edpnet is aware how important a fast and stable connection is. Do you also get cold shivers at the thought of a half week without internet or telephone? With a Service Level Agreement (further mentioned as SLA) you are assured that a potential fault in your connection will be fixed.

When it comes to the quality and availability of our network, we set ourselves the highest standards. We therefore guarantee a maximum repair time of 8 working hours.
(In the event that we exceed this repair time, you receive financial compensation from us.)

Why choose an Improved Service Level Agreement?

  • Additional guarantee for the availability of your connection
  • Priority access to helpdesk
  • Financial compensation when the repair time is not observed

Which SLA type can you choose?

8X5 Next business day solution

A service solution contract of 8X5XNext Business Day (Repair guarantee of problems with your ADSL or VDSL-line within 8 working hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 7 PM, bank holidays excluded, support in English, Dutch or French).

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