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What is Easy Switch not?

Easy Switch is not a purchase obligation!

It is not necessary that there is a strict 1-on-1 relationship between your new and your current contract: you can decide freely for which service(s) you want to conclude a contract with your new operator, and for which service(s) you don’t, no matter what active services you currently have with your current operator.

As soon as you wish to transfer your current fixed internet connection (1) to your new operator, you can benefit from Easy Switch, even if you wish to maintain your fixed telephony and / or mobile subscription(s) with your current operator.

Your new operator is entitled to ask you which active service(s) you have with your current operator in addition to your fixed internet connection (1). Your new operator has the right to make you a commercial proposal to also transfer this/these service(s) to him, but he does not have the right to force/compel you to transfer this/these service(s) to him under the guise of Easy Switch.

(1) Fixed television is also included in the Royal Decree, but is not being mentioned on this page by edpnet because we do not offer such service.

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