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How can I make anonymous calls

The option of making anonymous calls can be easily activated and deactivated in myedpnet:

1. Go to myedpnet.  

2. Choose My ConfigurationMy Telephony.

How can I make anonymous calls

3. Click on the Edit icon:

How can I make anonymous calls

4. Click on the telephone icon under the option "Show my number"

  • If the option is inactive, you will see  How can I make anonymous calls . Click on this icon if you intend to make anonymous calls.
  • If the option is active, you will see  How can I make anonymous calls. Click on this icon if you want your number to be identified.
How can I make anonymous calls

If would like to make a single anonymous call

If you need to make just one anonymous call, you can simply use the prefix #31# that will tell our telephony servers to not display your phone number. Example: #31#081234567.

If your telephony is configured on a FRITZ!Box, you should also add *# before the code in order to prevent the modem from intercepting the request. Example: *##31#081234567.
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