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What is an IP-range

What is an IP-range?

In the case of an edpnet IP Range, or subnet, this is a bundle of consecutive public IP addresses. The size of the IP range, is determined by the subnet mask, which limits the sizes to:

  • 4 Public IP Adresses (subnet /30)
  • 8 Public IP Adresses (subnet /29)
  • 16 Public IP Adresses (subnet /28)
  • 32 Public IP Adresses (subnet /27)
  • 64 Public IP Adresses (subnet /26)

It is important to know that every range has 3 IP addresses that (by default) can not be used as public IP addresses. These are:

  • The Network Address (the lowest IP address of the range)
  • The Broadcast Address (the highest IP address of the range)
  • The IP Address configured as the Gateway IP Address on the router

What applications can it be used for?

An IP Range can only be routed to an IP address which is already fixed. Therefore, the products to which subnetting is suitable is limited too:

  • VDSL Pro, Expert and Expert Plus
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and Fiber
  • All SDSL Lines
  • Dedicated Hosting

How can I order?

It is strongly recommended not to order an IP range to give your desktop computers a public IP address.
Public IP address are, however, required if you, for example, wish to supply:

  • a public web or file server
  • an own mail server
  • a public application server
  • a central VPN site

Before ordering an IP Range, keep in mind that it is part of a larger sequence. Make sure when you order your IP range, that you order it big enough (including company growth!) on your initial order. As it is very unlikely to expand the IP range in a later stage, it will drastically lower technical issues when adding new applications to your public IP range.

You can choose to order an IP range while ordering your VDSL fixed, SDSL or Dedicated hosting subscription. If you wish to add an IP range to an existing SDSL or Dedicated Hosting subscription, you cannot order an extra IP range online for the moment. So for the time being, you can contact our Sales Departement to order.
For VDSL Fix, you can order it in My edpnet.


Wikipedia about subnets

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