Patrick Van Rompaey

IT Manager Special Olympics

Our organization is very satisfied. Edpnet takes care of everything: monitoring, updates. We save a lot with this new solution …

Patrick Van Rompaey

Special Olympics is an international organization that offers olympic sports throughout the year to people with intellectual disabilities. Throughout sports, Special Olympics wants to enhance their self-confidence, improve their health and their daily life opportunities. The movement wants to break the taboo still existing today around people with intellectual disabilities, to create respect and appreciation for all persons with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics was founded in the United States in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver and currently has 4 million athletes in 178 countries.

Special Olympics Belgium was founded in 1979. The organization is under the High Protection of their Majesties the King and Queen. Tia Hellebaut and Kevin De Bruyne are the godmother and godfather of the organization recognized by the Belgian and Inter federal Olympic Committee. The National Games of Special Olympics Belgium are the yearly highlight for more than 3400 athletes with mental disabilities. Special Olympics Belgium is also present internationally, with the participation of Belgian athletes in the World Summer and World Winter Games.

IT Manager Patrick Van Rompaey says: “Our previous telephone exchange was too limited in terms of functions and the number of lines to be connected. We needed to find a different solution. I first compared the different available suppliers. And after a demo by edpnet I was convinced. I never had doubts about my choice for edpnet. After a smooth installation we had to fine-tune some details together. But that is normal for a transition from a classic telephone system to a VPBX solution. Today, our organization is very satisfied. We have much more possibilities and if we want to expand something, it is all done in a snap. Edpnet takes care of everything: the monitoring, the updates, … I do not have to worry about the monthly invoice anymore, because we save a lot with this new solution."

You should know that during our annual National Games, which took place in Lommel this year, we just had to take a telephone set from our office plug it in locally, and we could answer our calls. So no missed calls without any extra costs. Edpnet is on my list as a recommended supplier.

Special Olympics Belgium vzw, Van der Meerschenlaan 166b, 1150 Brussels
Email: – Website: – Phone: +32 (0)2 779 93 13

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