Edpnet SIP trunk

Reduce your telecom costs

Connect your PBX to the internet with edpnet sip trunk.  You only need 1 internet connection for your voice and data traffic.  Call at low rates.  You can keep your existing numbers or you can order new numbers.

The ideal solution for companies with branch offices or when you have a lot of international calls.

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Starting from10,00 /month
  • 2 simultaneous calls

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Connect your PBX to the internet with edpnet sip trunk.  A solution that provides big savings on your infrastructure and call costs.  You call at low rates per minute, both for national and international calls.  It’s important that your PBX supports sip trunk.

Mobile numbers

In Belgium


Fixed lines

In Belgium


Connection fee


Combine Telephony with VDSL internet

Combine Telephony with VDSL internet

The benefits of combining edpnet telephony and internet:

  • Max. 100 Mbps download speed en max. 20 Mbps upload speed
  • Superior voice quality
  • Free calls between branch offices and home offices
  • No connection fee and low calling rates
  • Keep your existing numbers for free (edpnet manages the complete porting process)


64,95 / month

  • Max. download speed
    100 Mbps
  • Max. upload speed
    20 Mbps
  • Unlimited traffic
    Fixed IP address
    Hardware in loan
    4G backup
    SLA 8/5


214,95 / month

  • Max. download/upload speed
    200/80 Mbps
  • Max. guaranteed speed
    24/2 Mbps
  • Unlimited traffic
    Fixed IP address
    Hardware in loan
    SLA 8/5
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