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Quirky and free-spirited since 1999

edpnet = fair, unlimited internet

I am edpnet

Edpnet = honest, unlimited internet
I am edpnet, your internet provider that specializes in 'internet only' subscriptions. I provide you with quick and limitless internet, no preconditions. I allow you to game as if your life depends on it, and I see to it that you can stream all you want.

Is unlimited really ‘unlimited’?
Yep. That means I won't slow down your connection after a certain consumption. No small print.

It all started in the ‘90s.
In 1999, while the "compact disc" tries to take over music cassettes, I enter the scene. The telephone market has only just been liberalized. Belgacom has the monopoly and Telenet is on the rise. I let the big boys play their game, and I slowly and steadily build a loyal user base by providing honest internet. Telenet is conquering the market and languishing Belgacom re-emerges as Proximus. New players are having a hard time, while I stand my ground and keep on growing.

And I'm still here.
Years later, I am still standing strong, providing honest internet. The era of cord cutters is dawning. More and more people watch their series on Netflix, saying goodbye to their TV subscription. I welcome them with a fair ‘internet only’ subscription. Fast, cheap and truly ‘unlimited’.

I am mobile
Today I offer you mobile telephony. You freely choose what suits you and you only pay for what you need. No fuss and no fine print. Just honest telephony.

With you by my side..
Today I can proudly state that I no longer have customers, but real ‘embassadors’. They are proud of their provider and they are happy to show it. Just like me, they stand out from the crowd. They surf, watch, call and stream however they want, whenever they want. With unlimited internet at a low price, hassle-free..

And we keep on going.
Together we continue surfing. You and I. Non-stop, unlimited and self-determined. Let the telecom giants play their game. We’ll play ours.

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Charter for customer-friendliness

Performance indicators for 3th quarter 2021

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Average waiting time in queue

Total of calls answered within 2,5 min: 83,4%
Total of calls answered within 4 min: 88,9%



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