Edpnet telephony

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Order VDSL Small Business or VDSL Pro and you receive your fixed telephony subscription for free.*  You call at low rates and you can order up to 5 numbers.  You do not need your fixed telephone line anymore.

Ideal for self-employed and small companies.

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* promotion valid for new VDSL Small Business and VDSL Pro subscriptions.  For existing customers who want to switch to one of the new subscriptions, the minimum contract term of the current subscription needs to be expired.

edpnet telephony

8,260,00 /month
  • No connection fee per call
    Low calling rates per minute
    Free smart services
    Keep your number for free
    Free calls to other edpnet customers

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Save quite some money with your edpnet fixed telephony subscription.  Enjoy our low rates per minute.  There is no connection fee per call.  You can keep your existing number and you receive your smart services for free: e.g. caller identification, call redirection, voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, …  You call for free to our edpnet helpdesk and other edpnet telephony customers.  You can order up to 5 numbers (= 10 simultaneous calls).

Mobile numBers

In Belgium


Fixed lines

In Belgium


Edpnet Telephony



Connection fee


edpnet plus pack

edpnet plus pack

With our Plus Pack option, just €5 per month, you get 2.000 call minutes a month for all your important or totally irrelevant calls to fixed numbers in Belgium and 18 other countries*.

* The Netherlands, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA


4,13 /month
  • 2000 calling minutes
    in Belgium and abroad*
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