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What characters can a domain name contain

General requirements

  • letters a — z
  • digits 0 — 9 
  • hyphen (-)
NOTE! A domain name may not start or end with a hyphen. Neither may it contain a hyphen in third or fourth position.
  • no combination of different scripts (like Cyrillic, Greek and Latin)
  • more than 2 characters
  • less than 63 characters


Special symbols

There are a number of characters that can be used in the domain name. Still, please, keep in mind that not every keyboard or browser has support for these characters. We suggest registering the domain name without the special character.

For example: If you use ß, it would be best if you also had a domain with ss.

Available characters: ß - à - á - â - ã - ó - ô - þ - ü - ú - ð - æ - å - ï - ç - è - õ - ö - ÿ - ý - ò - ä - œ - ê - ë - ì - í - ø - ù - î - û - ñ - é


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