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edpnet cyber attack

Who is responsible for this incident?

At the moment, we cannot release further details to protect the investigation and subsequent actions.

Are there any unauthorised persons still active within the edpnet systems?

No, we took immediate action to isolate and further strengthen our systems. Furthermore, we have launched an investigation with the help of cyber security experts to support us in addressing the incident.

Is my personal information safe (address, phone number, etc.)?

Thanks to our quick action, our central database containing all customer data was safeguarded in this attack.

Is my password for my edpnet visible to unauthorised persons?

No, your my edpnet account password is protected with irreversible encryption in our systems. This makes it impossible to decipher your password.

Is it possible that someone has access to my edpnet modem?

There are no indications that this is possible.

Is it possible that someone could read my e-mails?

Currently, there are no indications that mailbox login details have been exposed. We will provide the option to change your password as soon as possible, once the administrative systems are available again. We will inform you as soon as this is the case.

Will I still be able to surf?

Absolutely, your edpnet connection will not be affected. Should you still experience problems, this is purely coincidental and we will have to check what is specifically wrong with your connection.

Can I still make calls?

Sure, you can still make calls with your edpnet telephony or edpnet mobile subscription. Should you still experience problems, this is purely coincidental and we will have to look into the specifics of your subscription.

Will my direct debit still work?

Absolutely, your direct debit is not experiencing any disruption.

Is my invoice correct?

Yes, your invoice is correct.

How and when can I pay my invoice?

You can still pay received invoices. If the payment link does not work, we advise you to pay via bank transfer. You can also wait until our systems are fully operational again. Rest assured, we will not disconnect you because of unpaid invoices during this period.

Will my connection be blocked if I can't pay now due to the outage?

No worries, your connection will not be blocked.

How do I check my usage?

We realise that it is currently frustrating that you cannot log in to check your usage. As soon as my edpnet is accessible again, we will let you know immediately.

When can I log in to my edpnet again?

We will keep you informed as soon as my edpnet is accessible again.

When can I log in to the my edpnet app again?

We will keep you informed as soon as the my edpnet app is accessible again.

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