How to prevent losing time & money by an internet outage |

How to prevent losing time & money by an internet outage

We are so familiar with the Internet, that we don’t realize we have come to depend on it. When your connection is lost, your business almost comes to a halt. Want to know what you can do about it? Read it below!

Don’t underestimate the consequences of an internet outage. Your customers cannot reach you, your employees cannot continue to work, mobile payments are impossible… the damage quickly mounts. Just like that, you lose a lot of time and money because of a stupid malfunction. It would be well worth the effort to prepare yourself for this.

Murphy's law

Do you think you can escape internet outages? Think again. Murphy's law (What can go wrong, will go wrong") unfortunately applies to cable connections as well: sooner or later they’ll fail. Whether it is due to a human error or just the weather: it will surely happen someday. So once again: better be prepared.

Paying with plastic is fantastic

In (post) Corona times, payment cards have become a necessity. But without the internet you’ll see your income melt away like snow in the sun. On March 12, for example, there was a national outage throughout the Netherlands that caused a lot of misery. While there is little you can do about such a malfunction, you can prevent your company to go offline when it happens.

Being inaccessible is a deal breaker

For customers, accessibility is one of the greatest assets of a company. If a customer cannot reach you, he will quickly switch to the competition. An internet failure not only blocks your e-mail and chat traffic, but also your VoIP exchange will no longer function, so you will also be inaccessible by telephone..

A virtual telephone exchange will remain operational in the event of a local failure (after all, it is not located in your company), but it will no longer be able to forward incoming calls to your fixed devices. Forwarding to mobile devices is still possible, although that is more a plaster on the wound rather than tackling the root of the problem.

Is an offline network the key to the problem?

One solution could be to network not only in the cloud, but also locally. If your connection is lost, you can still (partially) continue your work via your local network. Although this is again a symptomatic treatment rather than a thorough approach to the problem.

The one real solution: 4G backup

By now, it has become clear: it is better to prevent an internet outage than to cure it. 4G backup ensures that you can continue to surf, make cloud calls and receive mobile payments in the event of an internet failure. Your 4G backup is like breathing oxygen: you don't notice it's there until it's missing. It is indispensable for your company..

How does 4G backup work?

Your router provides a mobile 4G internet connection. If your fixed connection fails, the router will automatically switch to 4G. As soon as the problem has been resolved, the fixed connection will take over again. As a user, you won’t notice it, but it’s a huge saving in time and money for your company.

What does 4G backup cost?

It’s surprising how cheap such a beautiful solution can be. Within a VDSL PRO subscription from edpnet for 65.95 euros / month, the 4G backup is included. So you don’t have to dig deep for your guarantee on continuous internet. However, if your internet fails without 4G backup, the costs are often incalculable.

Does it work everywhere?

edpnet works with the Orange mobile network. Today, it provides 99% of the population with mobile internet and more than 88% with super-fast mobile internet. The proper functioning of the 4G backup depends on the coverage of the Orange mobile network at your location and where the modem is placed within your building.

3 (bad) excuses for not getting 4G backup

  • “I only solve problems when they arise.”

    A nice slogan for winning elections, but solving an internet outage afterwards costs you a lot of time and money.

  • "4G backup does not fit our budget".

    Mobile backup is a very affordable solution, especially if you prevent the enormous damage that an outage entails.

  • “Our customers will be patient during an outage”.

    They won’t. Especially over the internet, their attention span is extremely small. If your website is not available, your customer will run to the competition at lightning speed.

No more internet failures?

View our VDSL PRO subscription with 4G backup here!
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