Cloud Telephony, the convenient and affordable alternative to your telephone exchange |

Cloud Telephony, the convenient and affordable alternative to your telephone exchange

What do a file bin, a fax machine and a fixed telephone exchange have in common? They were once useful, but there are far better solutions. Cloud telephony is a step towards simpler and more efficient working.

All the advantages of a fixed exchange, without the downsides

With cloud telephony, an expensive fixed exchange is no longer necessary. Your exchange is now in the "cloud". We connect your local branches and your home workers, you manage everything yourself online. No need to bother with the technical side.

Cloud telephony perfectly grows with your business. Adding new employees, functions or extra lines is a piece of cake. Calling through to mobile or fixed devices at home workers is child's play. And is your company moving soon? You only have to plug in the telephones at the new office to start calling.

What can edpnet do for you?

We configure, install and manage the entire system for you, with top quality hardware. We are a one-stop-shop that manages both your connections and your telephony.

Advantages of cloud telephony vs. a telephone exchange

  • Reduce your telecom costs significantly
  • Unlimited features available
  • Easily managed via online interface
  • All home and branch offices and mobile devices connected to one virtual PBX
  • Cloud telephony grows with your business
  • Location independent: easy office relocation
  • One single number for multiple devices (fixed or mobile)
  • One solution for telephony, internet and hardware

3 (bad) reasons why you should not choose cloud telephony instead of a fixed exchange

  • Too expensive

    Do you think this will cost you? Think again. You no longer need a fixed exchange for cloud telephony. That means no purchase costs, no maintenance costs and no costs to expand later.

  • Too complicated

    In the past, mainly experienced IT workers worked with cloud telephony. Nowadays, even the baker around the corner can work with it. edpnet takes care of the technical part and you manage the central, thanks to a handy online management platform and a simple smartphone app for those who are not at the office.

  • Too unreliable

    Your virtual exchange is safe in our data center with 24/7 monitoring. The edpnet data center is equipped with the necessary failover and backup systems. A backup of your telephone exchange is taken every day. We can also provide you with a separate internet line, so that your internet traffic and telephone traffic don’t have to go over the same network..

  • Are you looking for an affordable alternative to a traditional telephone exchange? Take a look at our cloud telephony page or contact us now.

Get rid of that expensive telephone exchange?

Cloud telephony is simple, efficient and affordable!
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