Cloud gaming makes expensive game computers unnecessary |

Cloud gaming makes expensive game computers unnecessary

Upgrading your PC or game console can be expensive. But when you still want to be able to play the latest games, in high resolution and on different screens, then cloud gaming is the solution.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is comparable to streaming a movie. The game is not on your PC, but on a remote computer. In addition, you also use the computing power of that remote computer. So you no longer need a strong processor or graphics card to play demanding games..

Cloud gaming on different screens

Depending on the gaming service, it is possible to play on your console, PC, smartphone and / or tablet. For example, with Playstation Now you can play PlayStation games on your PC and with Game Pass Ultimate you can play games on your smartphone.

Different types of cloud gaming services

Some services, such as Shadow and GeForce Now, only provide you with the computing power and remote storage capacity. You still have to purchase the games separately.

There are also game subscriptions where you still have to download and play the games with your own hardware, such as EA PLAY and Ubisoft+.

And then there are services that combine the two: you play with remote gaming hardware and you have access to a number of games that you no longer have to purchase or download separately. PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia Pro and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are examples of such game subscriptions and game streaming services in one.

What do you need for cloud gaming?

All you need is a fast internet connection with a low latency.

How fast does my internet connection need to be for cloud gaming?

GeForce Now, for example, requires a minimum speed of 15 to 25 Mbps, Google Stadia at least 10 to 35 Mbps and Shadow 15 Mbps.

A great speed is guaranteed with VDSL XL or FIBER XL from edpnet!

What is latency?

In short, latency is the time that elapses between the moment you press a button and the moment you see the result on your screen. The lower your latency, the better. You can find the long explanation here.

The edpnet VDSL network and fiber network has a low latency, even during peak hours. At Telenet, for example, can be disappointing. The more neighbors there are online with a Telenet connection, the more the latency increases and the response speed decreases.

Check out our VDSL XL and FIBER XL plans for a fast internet connection with low latency, ideal for cloud gaming!

Low latency internet?

Take a quick look at our VDSL XL and FIBER XL subscriptions!
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