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How to generate a DTrace sample on a FRITZ!Box

DTrace is a performance analysis and troubleshooting tool which is included in the FRITZ!OS. The collected data will help edpnet helpdesk to find the cause of a problem much quicker. This is why it is highly recommended to generate a DTrace file on your FRITZ!Box and provide it to edpnet support.

Generating a DTrace

1.  Enter the address in a webbrowser.

2. Click Packet Traces.

​3. ​Start the DTrace.

How to generate a DTrace sample on a FRITZ!Box

4. Reproduce the issue (f.e., connect the ISDN device and make a few test calls).

5. Stop the dtrace and download the dtrace.txt file.

NOTE! This file can be opened with an advanced text editor like Notepad++.


Now the file is ready to be sent to edpnet for analysis:

  • If you already have an open case at edpnet helpdesk, attach the files to your ticket. 
  • Send the files by e-mail to edpnet. 


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