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How can I cancel my subscription at edpnet

How can I cancel?

In case you want to order a fixed internet subscription with another operator, you can terminate your edpnet subscription with your new operator by using the Easy Switch procedure.
You can find here all necessary details about Easy Switch

If you do not order an internet subscription with another operator or you do not want to use the Easy Switch procedure, then you can find all the necessary instructions below.

You can cancel by any traceable written means, like

  • opening a ticket through my edpnet;
  • sending an e-mail;
  • sending a registered letter.

What suits you best is okay for us.

Why should this be written?

The content of a telephone conversation cannot be subsequently determined. Clear agreements, good friends ;-)

When can I cancel?

You can always unsubscribe, at any time.

What are the consequences of the cancellation of my contract?

When you cancel the contract within the minimum contract duration, you are obliged to pay indemnification. This indemnification amounts to the subscription that you still owe to the end of your fixed contract term. If your contract has been passed tacitly into a contract of indefinite duration, then no compensation will be charged to you.

When exactly ends my contract?

That depends on when you write in your written cancellation.

  • If you request an immediate cancellation, this will be – depending on when we receive your message and can reasonably handle it – the same day of or at the latest the next working day after receipt of your message.
  • If you inform us of a specific date, it will be on that specific date.
  • If you do not inform us of a specific date, this is in principle at the end of the most recently paid subscription period.

The effective date of termination shall be confirmed / notified to you via a ticket per e-mail. 

Attention: once chosen you cannot choose another moment of termination afterwards.

Where can I find specific information about the status of my contract?

You can find the minimum contract duration on your order confirmation. Consumers can check the status of their contract on their invoice.

Can I keep my modem on loan?

No. If you have received a modem on loan for the duration of your subscription, then you need to send it back within 15 calendar days after the effective termination of your subscription. If you don’t, then we’ll take it that you would prefer to keep the modem and consequently we will send you an invoice for it.

What should I look out for when I have my internet on a Proximus telephone line?

When you have your edpnet internet activated on a Proximus telephone line, and you want to cancel both of them, then you should be aware that the two contracts may end at a different time:

  • when your Proximus telephone phone ends prior to your edpnet internet contract, for the remaining period of your internet contract you will invoiced by edpnet for the line rental charge we are being billed by Proximus ourselves as a result of your termination of the Proximus telephone contract;
  • when the edpnet internet contract ends prior to your Proximus telephone contract, Proximus will charge the telephone line until the effective date of their contract.

What should I look out for when I have both internet and telephony via edpnet?

Edpnet will terminate both services at the same time. Beware: if you do not transfer your telephone number to another operator, you will permanently loose it from the date of the effective termination of the contract.

Can I cancel only my edpnet telephony but keep my edpnet internet subscription?

No problem! The edpnet telephony subscription has a fixed contract period of one month: after that month the subscription can be cancelled at any time without any charges. Note: instead of € 10.00 VAT incl. which you paid monthly for your edpnet telephony subscription, you will be invoiced monthly for a raw copper line: € 12.50 VAT incl.

Can I still receive invoices after I have canceled?

During the notice period all contractual conditions remain in force until the actual termination date. Normally you will not get any more invoices for the subscription itself, unless you cancel within the minimum contract duration. As explained above, it is possible that, when you cancel your Proximus telephone prematurely, you can expect to be invoiced for the line rental charged by Proximus to edpnet as a result of your cancellation of the telephone line.

What if I still get invoices of which I think they are falsely?

Each invoice can be protested in writing: tell us what you do not agree with, and why, and we will investigate the matter. In case you're right, we will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

What if I have other questions?

If the answer to your specific question is not listed here, then it means that it is not exactly going to be a standard question. Send us a message and we will send you the reply as soon as possible.

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