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Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it

How do I test my Wi-Fi?

Test your download and upload speed

Go to and check if your speeds are good.

Test your Wi-Fi signal with the WLAN app

Scan the QR code to downlaod FRITZ!App WLAN and test your WiFi reception.

Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it
Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it
Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it
Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it
  • Use the Measure Wi-Fi function to evaluate the wireless LAN at various locations in your home network and find out where there might be a WiFi coverage hole.
  • Find the ideal position for your FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater, if you have one.
  • How do I test my Wi-Fi?
  • Is your signal bad? Follow the tips below.
  • Is your speed lower than expected? Just get in touch with our support at 032656700.
  • Tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal

    First things first! Make sure that you position your modem/router in the most efficient way:

    • Put your device near the center of your apartment or house
    • Lift it up off the ground
    • Try to put your router in a room where you often use the internet
    • Keep your router out in the open
    Tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal

    Move your router away from jammers:

    • TL lights
    • baby monitors
    • microwave oven
    • cordless phones
    • bluetooth devices
    • Wi-Fi from the neighbours

    Move your router away from obstacles:

    • aquarium
    • large metal objects
    • thick or well insulated walls

    Use the right frequency

    The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi has a greater range because low frequencies can penetrate obstacles such as walls, metallic objects, or objects containing water more easily. Use it when you are far from your router.

    The 5 GHz Wi-Fi offers more speed near a wireless router as it allows you to use a wider frequency spectrum, therefore allowing larger amounts of data to be transmitted in the same amount of time. Use it if your laptop or smartphone is close to your router.

    FRITZ!Box uses band steering to improve the range of wireless devices when they are connected to the 5 GHz network and are on the edge of the range. The FRITZ!Box then initiates a switch to the 2.4 GHz network which has a greater range.
    Why is my Wi-Fi slow and how can I fix it

    Consider an upgrade

    The more devices surf the same Wi-Fi connection at the same time, the slower it becomes. If you share your edpnet connection with the whole family or with several colleagues, consider opting for a subscription with a higher bandwidth.

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