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Why is my internet connection interrupted

If your connection is interrupted on a regular basis, you most likely have to have your line checked.

If your modem is correctly configured (see the article Configuration) but you still have a very low (lower than 10 dB) or very instable (more than 2 to 3 dB) dsl-signal-to-noise ratio in your modem, do the following:

Most likely the quality of the cabling is poor. Check if adsl filter(s) is/are fixed correctly or check the entire end-user infrastructure (internal cabling, junctions, telephone outlets, adsl-splitters, modems). Check all this very carefully following the recommendations of the manual What can I do to solve a problem with my internet connection. You can also think of changing your adsl-line into a raw copper line. If checking of your internal setup does not solve the problem, there may be a malfunction of your telephone line or of the connection of your line on the telephone exchange.

Please, contact the helpdesk for more information.


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