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What does edpnet understand by internet abuse

In accordance with our general conditions

Below you will find the relevant extracts concerning Internet abuse taken from our general conditions:

  • 7.3 The customer/subscriber will use the edpnet services in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations and will behave in a way that can be expected from a responsible and careful person.
  • 7.4 The customer/subscriber will refrain from using the internet in general and the edpnet services in particular in an improper way. He will not use the services for any illegal action, nor to violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation applicable to the internet. This prohibition refers, among other things, to the following actions:
    • the customer/subscriber undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations while making use of edpnet services. He may not, among other things, establish and maintain any form of communication of an illegal, illegitimate, incorrect, obscene or slanderous nature that disturbs public order and/or public decency and that construes an invasion of privacy of other customers/subscribers or third parties, that violates applicable laws and regulations on racial hatred and xenophobia, as well as the unlawful and/or punishable disclosure of secret or confidential information.
    • the customer/subscriber undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, patent and trade mark rights, and data base rights) of edpnet, other customers/subscribers and third parties.
    • the customer/subscriber undertakes to refrain from sending unsolicited messages, spreading viruses, or in any way disrupt communication or data filing and to cause no damage to the edpnet services or to limit or hinder the use or capacity of these edpnet services for any other customer/subscriber, among other things by burdening the net needlessly by causing a large unjustified flow of data (flooding, spamming, etc.).
    • the customer/subscriber undertakes not to perform any act of ‘piracy’ or 'hacking' against the edpnet system or any other system, not to enter data or systems by means of false keys, false codes and/or false identities or in any other illegal way, nor to commit any theft of data and not to harm, damage or destroy the integrity of the information data and programs.
    • the customer/subscriber undertakes to select no username (i.e. the part of the electronic address before @) which is contrary to the public order and / or morals or harms the image or the rights of edpnet or third parties. Edpnet reserves the right to reject, modify and prohibit any name that could be contrary to these principles.
  • 7.5 edpnet requests the customer/subscriber to inform edpnet of any improper content accessible from its network, so as to enable edpnet to take the appropriate and necessary measures to delete this information or make it inaccessible.


  • 7.9 In case of serious shortcomings on the part of the customer/subscriber with regard to the fulfilment of his obligations, edpnet may immediately block the access to its network and/or the access to the content for third parties. The customer/subscriber will be informed within a reasonable term by e-mail and/or by post thereof and will be put on notice about the fulfilment of his obligations. The (e-mail) address which will be used is the (e-mail) address submitted by the customer / subscriber to edpnet in the contact information.
    In case the customer/subscriber does not fulfill his obligations and does not express any formal commitment to doing so in the future within five (5) workdays from the day following the day of the notice, edpnet has the right to terminate the agreement. This termination does not entitle the customer/subscriber to any compensation or compensation for damages.
  • 7.10 The suspension of the service ends when the customer/subscriber fulfils his obligations. During the suspension of the service the service costs/monthly fees are still due unless the customer/subscriber can prove that the service was suspended wrongfully by edpnet. The severance pay referred to in Article 9.3 is due throughout the duration of the suspension. When the service is restored, the re-activation costs are charged.


You must act responsibly while using your Internet connection and take all reasonable precautions against Internet abuse.

You undoubtedly would not abuse the Internet on purpose, but this does not mean that you as a customer are not responsible for all eventual forms of abuse arising from your Internet connection, such as spam, portscans, etc., as a result of virus or malware contamination of your computer(s). The article What You Can Do Against Internet Abuse can help you to protect yourself against such abuse.

In the case of repeated serious violation edpnet has the right to temporally block your Internet connection. edpnet will inform you about it orally and in writing and will send you the extracts from the relevant complaints, which it has received. edpnet will give you a reasonable period to take measures to stop Internet abuse and to inform edpnet about it. You can read more information about it in the article What You Can Do Against Internet Abuse.

To counteract Internet abuse, to take preventive and, if needed, repressive measures, is in your best interest as well as in the best interest of edpnet and its customers. If either by commission or omission of yours edpnet ends up in the blacklists of third parties, it will mean that a significant part or even all customers of the company will be affected.

That is why we emphasize the fact that edpnet will very unwillingly take repressive measures and disconnect you and, if it goes this far that edpnet gives you an ultimatum, be sure it is really necessary.

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