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Can I return my broken device

Yes, you can follow our RMA procedure.

What is RMA

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is a procedure to replace a defective device during the warranty period of an item.

What devices are eligible for RMA

All purchased devices (modem/router, VoIP telephone etc) can be replaced through RMA as long as they are under warranty.

  • for AVM hardware (FRITZ!Box modem/routers, FRITZ!Fon cordless phones or FRITZ!WLAN repeaters): if the fault is reported within two (2) years after the delivery of the device;
  • for any other hardware: if the fault is reported within one (1) year after the delivery of the device.

In case the device is in loan, edpnet remains the owner of the device, meaning that we replace it in case of alleged problems, no matter when the fault is reported.

What devices are not eligible for RMA

In case of a defect caused by improper use, power outage, fire or natural disaster, the replacement cannot be done through RMA. In such a case, the legal warranty obligation of edpnet does not apply, and an insurance company should be contacted.

All items (wall socket, phone plug, splitter etc) are not eligible for RMA either.

Who decides to proceed with RMA

In order to avoid unnecessary RMA, our support will first work with you to troubleshoot the issue or the device. If the latest is confirmed to be defective, your request will be accepted, and we will start RMA procedure.

What does it cost

Nothing! You only need to send the broken device back within 15 days (using our ‘easy retour’ address label). Otherwise we will need to invoice you the device.

What is the procedure

You don’t have to fill any form, just call 03 265 67 00 and follow the steps of our guide explaining how to return the faulty device

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