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How can I retrieve and change my account information

Requesting account information

In case you have lost your account information, you can retrieve it. You can make your request both by e-mail or phone but edpnet shall send the account information only by post, fax or e-mail to the address/fax-number/e-mail address specified in your customer' account in the edpnet database.

Edit account information via “My edpnet”

After you have logged into your “My edpnet” account, you can edit your login information by choosing “My information”>“My personal details”.

Global details: data of the invoice customer (private or company):


Attention! Client name cannot be edited. You have to contact edpnet to change it.

Personal details: contact person’s details. “My edpnet” password can also be edited here:


Attention! Username cannot be edited. You have to contact edpnet to change it.

Registering a new “My edpnet” user is possible only on the basis of a written request with approval of the subscription owner.

Edit account information via edpnet customer service

Based on your request, your data may be changed in our system by our customer service. All requests are always to be confirmed in writing beforehand so edpnet can send the data or change it. As privacy legislation prescribes edpnet is not to disclose your personal information.

You can submit your request in different ways:

  • by e-mail: mail the signed document to or send your request from the email address registered in your edpnet customer account to
  • by post: send the signed document to EDPnet nv, Van Landeghem 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas;
  • by fax: fax the signed document to +32 (0) 3265 67 01;
  • via ticket: create a ticket under your account in "My edpnet" and note the necessary changes.



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