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Port 25 is closed, what to do

Edpnet blocks all traffic coming from dynamic IP addresses via port 25, except to our relay server.

Attention: only outgoing trafic will be blocked at port 25, so you can still receive messages via this port.

If you use edpnet connection and a dynamic IP address, you should check an outgoing server name in your mail program. A correct one is It’s only possible to send mails via this server. Following link may be useful: Outlook Express configuration

If you are using a dynamic IP address and your own mailserver, you should adapt your server configuration in the following way: MS Exchange server on dyn ip

If your IP address is dynamic and you are sending mails via another (for exemple, your employer's) outgoing server, you may:

  • replace outgoing server name by
  • use VPN connection. Your employer can configure it for you.
Attention: when sending via you should respect the following limitations: E-mail limits
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