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When should I pay my invoice

You can find the expiry date at the top right corner of your invoice ('Send us your payment before').

Don't forget: keep a close eye on the due date and pay your invoices in time. In this way you avoid administrative fees and a possible temporary suspension of your subscription.

Or even better, ask for a direct debit. Much easier for you, as your payments are automatically settled by direct debit.  We collect varying payment amounts from your account. Payments are made automatically on your behalf. You do not risk to have any penalties for delayed payments.

For your direct debit, you need to send us your confirmation/authorisation with a SEPA mandate. You can find this document on our online SEPA page  You need to log in with your my edpnet user name and password (which can be found on your configuration document or your order confirmation). Please follow the necessary instructions.

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