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What should I do when I receive a reminder

If you receive a reminder, you should settle your outstanding invoices as soon as possible.  In this way you avoid administrative fees and a possible temporary suspension of your subscription.

You can find all necessary instructions and details about the invoice(s) due.

Do not forget to mention your payment reference.  You can find the reference below the invoice overview:
'We kindly request you to pay the total amount of € ... mentioning this reference number +++000/0000/00000+++.'

Our bank account details are mentioned on our invoices and reminder:

  • BNP-Paribas/Fortis: 293-0436422-74 IBAN: BE16293043642274 - BIC: GEBABEBB
  • ING: 393-0059670-07 IBAN: BE74393005967007 - BIC: BBRUBEBB
  • KBC: BE46738005617736 IBAN: BE46738005617736 - BIC: KREDBEBB
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