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Can I keep my current mobile number with edpnet mobile

You can keep your number - at no charge - if you wish to order edpnet mobile.

When you are placing your order in the configurator, on the first page (after filling in your identity details) choose: I want to keep my existing mobile number.

In order to successfully transfer your number several new options become available to fill in:

  • Current mobile number
  • Current SIM card number (16 digits, you can find this on the card itself)
  • Current mobile operator
  • Current customer number
  • Current subscription type:
    1. Post Paid
      Your existing subscription will automatically be cancelled. It's possible that your current operator will charge you a cancelation fee, so we advise that you check your existing contract first. We need your customer number with your current operator in order to transfer the number. You should be able to find this number in your original documents.
    2. Pre Paid:
      When your subscription is transferred, any pre paid amount you have left on your card, will be gone.

With all this information filled in correctly, edpnet should have no trouble in transferring your mobile phonenumber.

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