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Always online
with an
edpnet Pro
Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
Always online
with an
edpnet Pro
Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
Always online with an edpnet Pro subscription


Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
We always need to be online

Business processes are fully automated: a customer orders and pays online. His order is automatically forwarded to the proper department, where it’s being processed and prepared for shipment. Company files and applications are placed in the cloud, so that they are permanently available and secured. Support teams troubleshoot issues remotely. Customers use e-mail and social media to contact customer services. Companies use Skype to communicate with colleagues who are working at home, on the road, in a branch office ...

A fixed internet connection has become the fourth (unofficial) public utility. We all choose a reliable fixed internet provider who guarantees us 99,5% uptime. This seems pretty promising on paper. But a 99,5% uptime means that there still can be up to 4 hours of downtime per month. And we all know that every hour of unavailability means turnover, productivity and customer loss.

You can always be online
with a Pro subscription

Luckily, edpnet has an ideal solution with the Pro subscriptions ...

The edpnet Pro subscriptions are offered with the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE modem/router which has a built-in 4G backup function.  This function allows you to maintain internet connectivity in the event of an outage. Whenever your fixed internet connection goes down, the hardware switches over to the available mobile network. It will hardly cause a disruption in your day-to-day operations, and maybe you do not even notice this outage.  And whenever a Pro subscription goes down, our helpdesk team receives a notification via our monitoring system and  a colleague will contact you with the message that your fixed internet connection is down…

The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE modem/router is offered as a ‘managed services’ package, which means that an edpnet technician will install and configure the hardware and when the edpnet monitoring system would detect a problem with the hardware, we will repair or replace it, without any extra costs. Not for the intervention of the technician. Nor for the possible mobile data usage.

Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
100% uptime
Built-in 4G backup function: automatic fallback to mobile connection
Up to 300 Mbps via LTE (4G) and up to 42 Mbps via UMTS/HSPA (3G)
Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
Managed hardware
Edpnet will configure, install, maintain and troubleshoot your hardware
Can edpnet guarantee a 100% uptime with my Pro subscription
A guaranteed repair service within 8 working hours during office hours
An answer to your questions

The proper functioning of the 4G backup function depends on the coverage of Orange's mobile network at your location and of where the hardware is placed in your building.

Today Orange's mobile network covers 99% of the population for mobile internet, and more than 88% of the population for super-fast mobile internet. You can test the Orange network coverage at your location via this link:

The mobile coverage on Belgian territory is guaranteed by the coverage obligations included in legislation and the licenses of the mobile operators. However, these obligations only relate to coverage outside the home. Indoor coverage is influenced by many aspects that are beyond the control of the mobile operators.

There are a wide range of variables that cause poor indoor mobile coverage, from concrete construction materials (e.g. metalized insulation, steel frames, treated glass, …) that act as signal barriers and environmental conditions (e.g. in a wooded or hilly landscape, zones arise where there is hardly any coverage because it is more difficult to guarantee with the same antenna configuration that the mobile services are available to all local residents). Also remoteness and geographical terrain play a role: the distance between the company building and the base station, especially in remote areas, where there are often fewer masts. Even the load on the mobile network (number of active users and applications used) can cause poor coverage.

The 4G backup function is a built-in function. That means that the location of the modem in your building is important for the proper functioning of the built-in 4G backup function. By default, the edpnet technician will install the modem in the room where the Proximus entry point (NTP2007) is located. This is not necessarily a location with good indoor mobile coverage. If you would like to have the modem installed in another space than the one in which the Proximus entry point is located, a space where there is better indoor mobile coverage, you must ensure that there is a VVT cable (= an ordinary phone cable) present between the Proximus entry point and the desired location. Otherwise the modem is installed in the room where the NTP2007 is located and the indoor mobile coverage is what it is.

Keep the following in mind when selecting a location where you would like to have the modem installed:
  1. The modem cannot be installed in the corner of a room;
  2. The modem needs to be installed as close to an outside wall as possible;
  3. The modem needs to be installed as unobstructed as possible, i.e. not directly in back of or under an obstacle (for example pieces of furniture, heater…).

During the installation of the modem, the edpnet technician will mount the standard mobile broadband antennas onto the provided connections at the back of the modem and determine the best position for the mobile broadband antennas.

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