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I'm moving, what about my internet subscription

Don’t wait too long to contact edpnet if you’re moving! A move can take several weeks in some cases!

In order to get all things settled on beforehand, we need a few details. Leave us a message, and we will call you when you like! (during office hours, we do have a life too)

You can contact us on following page

In the meanwhile please have a quick look at the following:

You are moving and your edpnet internet is active on a fixed telephony line of Proximus

Please contact Proximus to ask them to move your Proximus telephony line to your new address. The edpnet internet will move along with it on the condition that the same technology profile is available on your new address. The Proximus customer care desk is reachable on 0800 33 800. Once you did that, please inform edpnet about it.

If you do not require anymore a Proximus telephony line on your new address and you’d like to activate an edpnet internet connection (eventually with an edpnet telephony), please contact edpnet so that we can make you an offer therefor. You can ask us to keep your existing number active on edpnet telephony.

With your permission we’ll provide you with a new internet connection. Do not forget to cease your Proximus telephony line (after the porting of your number if applicable).

You are moving and your edpnet internet is active on a fixed line without voice services (raw copper) or you have edpnet internet with edpnet telephony

Please contact edpnet to inform us about your intent to move. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote based on your request. The internet connection on the old address will be ceased on the same date as the activation date of the internet connection on your new address.

If you’d like to have a Proximus telephony line on your new address, we kindly ask you to contact Proximus first to order this line. Only from the moment that this line is active, should you contact edpnet to ask for an activation of internet on this new telephony line. Do not forget to provide us with the exact telephone number on which to activate the service and make sure to request the cease of the internet connection on your previous address with us.

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