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How can I switch to edpnet

Do you want to switch to edpnet? This is how it works…

  • Check with your current operator if you are no longer committed to a minimum contract duration and look for your Easy Switch number. More info about Easy Switch can be found here

  • Order with edpnet, stating that you already have Internet with another provider.

  • While ordering online we will ask you if you want edpnet to send a cease request to your current operator (this is the Easy Switch procedure). Fill in the required details and you won’t need to do anything towards your old provider, we will take care of it!

  • If you do not want to use Easy Switch or if Easy Switch is not available for you, you will need to send a cease request yourself to your current operator. It is important that you wait until you know the activation date of your new edpnet subscription.

  • If you order the Internet connection on a Raw Copper/copper pair (telephone line without ‘voice’ service) we will need a Circuit ID (consists of 12 digits) in order to transfer your signal. This is a number that your current provider mentions on your invoices or can provide when you ask for it.

What to do when you want to cease yourself …

  • Everything you do yourself, you do it better, right? Not always! Should you insist on ceasing your current operator yourself, please make sure to wait until we provided you with the activation date on which we take over your contract. If you send your cease request before, edpnet will not be able to migrate your internet anymore. We know this sounds weird, but trust us.
  • Is your modem compatible with your edpnet subscription? Well, just have a look here to be absolutely sure

    If you have a fiber connection, you can find all details on which type of router you can use
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