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How can I transfer my internet subscription to edpnet

Transferring to edpnet? This is how it works…

  • Ask your current provider about the due date and cancellation period of your subscription.
  • Don't send your cancellation letter to your current provider until you know your likely activation date at edpnet.
  • Place your order with edpnet, stating that you already have Internet with another provider (No offense!). Don’t forget to mention that you want to have your edpnet subscription activated on the same day as your current subscription is cancelled. N.B.: we are not able to guarantee an exact activation date, but we will move heaven and earth and everything in between to activate your line as quickly as possible.
  • If you order the Internet connection on a Raw Copper line we will need a Circuit ID in order to transfer the DSL signal. This is a number that your current provider has to put on your invoices or give it to you when you ask.
  • As soon as the date is confirmed, or, better, the transfer is done send your cancellation letter to your current provider. Sorry guys!

It also works this way…

  • Cancel your subscription at the current provider (it can take up to 2 weeks, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do this evening right after your favourite TV-series).
  • Then place your order with edpnet, and don’t forget that we can activate your subscription only after the cancellation period of your current subscription is finished. It means you may have no Internet for a short while, but this is not a problem, right? While away the time by reading a good book.


It works better this way…

  • No time to get typing? Download & go with this standard cancellation letter.
    Download cancellation letter
  • Decided to give your current provider the sack? Send a cancellation letter as soon as you know your likely activation date at edpnet.
  • Is your modem compatible with your edpnet subscription? Sure it is. You only have to change your username and password. If you transfer from ADSL to VDSL, you need a VDSL-modem, but this is also something we know everything about. Let’s face it, we are giving you service on a silver platter!
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