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What should you pay attention to with Easy Switch?

- The ordering process will be a bit more complicated when choosing Easy Switch: you need to look for your Easy Switch information and then pass it on correctly to your new operator during the ordering process. You are solely responsible for the information you provide: your new operator will not to be able to terminate your contract with your current operator if you provide incorrect information. This could result in a longer period of double billing.

- By choosing for Easy Switch, you relinquish control. When placing your new order, you already need to choose the moment when your new operator will request your current operator to terminate your contract. This means that you should already assume that your new service(s) will be working properly with your new operator after the activation. That will usually be the case, but when technical problems occurred with your new service(s) after the activation, then there is a risk that your new operator will not be able to resolve the issue before your current operator terminates your current service(s). This may cause you to be without internet (1) and/or telephony for a certain period of time.

- When you want to fix an appointment for a technician's visit, and you wish to have it within a specific time slot of half a day, for example in the morning, please note that it may take longer before a technician’s visit can be planned. Requesting a half a day slot offers fewer opportunities than a full day. In addition, in such case the chance is bigger that you are not present when the technician arrives at the appointment (the groceries lasted longer than expected, you’ve started talking to someone at the school gate, the neighbour asked you to give him a lift to the garage, you forgot your mobile phone somewhere and missed the call of the technician ...). As a result, the appointment can no longer take place within that same time slot, while more flexibility is possible within a time slot of a full day. Some operators may even charge you a fee if you are not present at the appointment with the technician, when you miss his call, when you deny or cannot provide him access the location(s) where he has to perform work…

- Your new operator will request your current operator to terminate your contract, but you are and will remain solely responsible for the consequences of the termination of that contract, such as, for example settling your outstanding justified invoices, the payment of damages when you terminate your current contract within 6 months of its commencement, the possible return of devices that you have received on loan from your current operator, being due the residual value of a device whose acquisition was bound to subscribing to a subscription... Please consult your contract and the terms and conditions of your current operator.


(1) Fixed television is also included in the Royal Decree, but is not being mentioned on this page by edpnet because we do not offer such service.

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