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What is Easy Switch?

Easy Switch is a procedure (1) that should make the changing of fixed operator easier. The condition is that you have at least an active fixed internet connection (2) for residential use (3), no matter if you are a private person or not.

In short, via Easy Switch you give your new operator permission to terminate your contract with your current operator for at least your fixed internet connection (2), without having to encounter disproportionate service interruptions or periods of double billing.


(1) The procedure is governed by the Royal Decree of 6 September 2016 on the migration of fixed line services and offers of bundles in the electronic communications sector (Belgian Official Gazette of 22-09-2016).
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(2) Fixed television is also included in the Royal Decree, but is not being mentioned on this page by edpnet because we do not offer such service.

(3) Subscriptions for professional use are not included in the Royal Decree.

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