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What are the benefits of Easy Switch?

- Until July 1st 2017 you had to send a message to your current operator, requesting him to terminate your contract at a moment chosen by you; starting July 1st 2017 you will have the opportunity to ask your new operator to do this for you.

- Because your new operator contacts your current operator with the request to terminate your current contract after your services have been activated, the length of a service interruption is limited to a technical minimum (1).

- Unless you choose to keep your services active with both operators during a self-chosen period (1), the double billing period is limited to a minimum. With Easy Switch your current operator must stop billing by the end of the day following the day that he is asked by your new operator to terminate your contract.

- If a technician's visit is required for the activation of your new services, then you have the option to make an appointment within a half-day time slot (either in the morning or in the afternoon) or a full day. This way you can better organize yourself. If the technician does not meet the stipulated appointment, you can contact your new operator in writing to request an indemnity of €10. Your current operator can settle it on your next invoice, or through a separate credit note.


(1) Keeping your services active with both your current and new operator at the same time is only possible if you switch from internet technology (for example, if you switch from a cable operator to a DSL operator) or change of residence. In the case of telephony, it is technically impossible to have your number active at 2 different operators at the same time.

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